At Tri-State Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. we pride ourselves in providing uncompromising products and quality services not easily matched by competitors. You will find that the quality of our products are extremely high while still budget friendly.

Below are a listing of all of our products and services that we offer:
Products Services
Condensing Unit Annual maintenance/tune-ups
Air Handler Warranty/Guarantee (all types)
Electrical Heating Systems 24/7 Emergency Services
A/C compressor Installs
Duct work Coil Cleaning
Air Purifier Same day repairs
Coils Duct cleaning
Fans Free estimates on new equipment
Parts/supplies Maintenance contracts
Filters (includes media) Same day installation available
Heat Pumps    
Straight Cool Systems    
Commercial Ventilation Systems    
UV Lights    
Tri-State Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. – exceeding expectations, one customer at a time!
Annual maintenance/tune-ups
Warranty/Guarantee (alltypes)
24/7 Emergency Services
Coil Cleaning
Same day repairs
Duct cleaning
Free estimates on new equipment
Maintenance contracts
Same day installation available