1. How can I place an after hours service call?
Just contact the telephone number listed and set up your preferred appointment time.
2. What if I need weekend or holiday service?
As always, we service our regions 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
3. Do you sell maintenance agreements?
Yes we do. We have several options available for commercial and residential customers. Just contact us by telephone or send us an e-mail and we will respond promptly to discuss your needs and your options.
4. Do you travel outside of the service region for service call?
We do, but up to 110 miles from our base and an extra gas surcharge.
5. Explain to me the new ruling on refrigerants?
In order to protect the environment, many changes have taken place when it comes to the types of refrigerants used in all air conditioners and heat pump systems. These changes will have great impact on the way we service, maintain and sell systems. The EPA, through the Clean Air Act regulate the production and use of all refrigerants in use. All the changes imposed by the EPA will eventually eliminate all air conditioning and heat pump refrigerants containing chlorine because of their depletion of the ozone layer. Tri-State provides products that are ozone friendly as well as quality to meet all of your com- fort needs. Our products contain the R410 refrigerant which is widely considered the designated refrigerant for many years and the one who will replace all R-22 systems in use today.
6. Should I replace the outdoor unit when the indoor unit gets replaced?
The most likely answer is yes, and here is why.
Matched units design: All air conditioners and heat pump systems come specifically designed to work with ARI matched ratings that guarantee maximum efficiency and performance. Units may work fine with other brands effectively, but often compromise in in efficiency and SEER value.
Design Advances: New advances in performance and design may make one or both units compromise their design performance output making them operate harder and less efficient.
Equipment Age: The industry standard of life expectancy of an air conditioner or heat pump is 8-10 years. A unit that is more than 10 years old has an extreme amount of compressor wear reducing efficiency. Replacing both units would not only ensure the maximum life expectancy of your equipment, but your energy bill will greatly be reduced by operating a more efficient system.
New Warranty: A new warranty with your system gives you peace of mind knowing that for the first 5-10 years (depending on mfg.) your system’s components are warranted if they were to malfunction.
7. How do I know how much warranty my system has?
A look at the model and serial number by a knowledgeable technician will be able to determine the warranty, if any is left on the equipment. An MSA visit will be able to determine the warranty life of the equipment.
8. What is the current tax credit available to homeowners?
The current tax credit available is $1500.00. The federal government does have stimulus related incentives, but they will eventually expire.
9. Does the tax credit apply to the cost of equipment and labor?
The tax credit includes both equipment and labor.
10. How do I know which specific equipment qualifies for the credit?
There is a minimum efficiency standard that has to be met. There are a wide range of products available that would qualify for the tax credit. Just call and we will explain you options.
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